bobapp官网下载 (Xingyu glass steel) is a collection of glass and steel sculpture design, manufacture, installation in one of the sculpture enterprises. Our design production team consisting mainly of Environmental Art Academy of fine arts professional elite, designers, sculptors, crafts, turn analog division etc. has nearly 10 years of construction experience and skills. Have a professional production of high-strength plate, environmental art sculpture production equipment and venues. The company in the design of bold ideas, create new styles; technical excellence, Seiko fine grinding production process. Companies adhering to the "sculpture art into the modern life," the vision, and constantly strive to open up new and innovative glass steel sculpture products with high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging...
, light weight and so on. 



  • Industry knowledge Consumers misunderstandings about the value of large-scale amusement equipment

    Large amusement equipment with the improvement of people's living quality, also become more and more popular. If have the opportunity to experience is the best.

  • Industry knowledge FRP sculpture making process

    After the work is completed, the FRP unit block is demoulded, then the silicone rubber layer is removed, and the silicone rubber removed is immediately put back into the FRP unit die.5.

  • Industry knowledge FRP sculpture sculpture art history in China

    Unearthed in shandong district beast pot and his zone (guT) (see figure 9) particularly attractive, it is two concise, plain and full of decorative type small animal sculpture.

  • Industry knowledge It is very important to the safety of the children's amusement equipment installation

    One thousand dangerous but the injury or be dismayed when can you like apes and freely in and out of the jungle like gymnastics games? Can you from below the slide on the slide?